Richard J Roberts

About Us/Credentials

Rick Roberts started Voices, Choices & Solutions (VCS) in 2014 after going through the process of trying to find the right senior care facility for his mother. This was uncharted territory since he had worked in government services for the past 32 years. Seeing the need for a business that could not only assist in the need for those trying to find a quality senior care provider, but also understanding and being sympathetic to what individuals are going through. Rick then started this company and obtained certification from a nationally recognized board for senior care facilitators.

Since then, Rick and his team have personally walked through over 100 senior care facilities and has been able to recognize both the positives and negatives of each facility. He uses this knowledge to assist his clients in decision making for their loved ones. Part of what you will receive during a consultation with the team is a facility comparison chart providing useful information to match your loved one with the right care facility based on your specific needs. Rick believes your loved one needs to LIVE life to the fullest and not just go to a place where they are forgotten.

There are many senior care facilities that not only meet the needs of seniors regardless of their condition, but also give them the means to LIVE life to the fullest during this later chapter in life. Your loved one, when fitted with the right senior care provider, will make new friends, be involved in activities that will stimulate their brains and give them a better quality of life than they may have had before coming to live there.

This can be a very difficult time for you, and your family will be comforted to know the VCS team will be walking you through the process step-by-step making those hard discussions easier. More education makes the hard decisions easier for you and brings you a peace of mind knowing you are giving your loved one the best opportunity for this chapter in life.