Senior Woman with Flowers
Information Packet

In addition to us walking you through the process and being with you for senior care facility tours, you will also receive a personalized packet complete with all the information you need. This includes a comprehensive comparison of senior care options and affordability.

The Process

Finding the best comprehensive care solution for your Mom or Dad is too important a decision to be left to chance. We offer a FREE one-stop resource to navigate the maze of assisted living communities and personal care homes. We will make sure you know all of the options before placing your loved one in a senior care facility.

Here is how we assist you, allowing you to use your VOICE and learn about all the CHOICES so we can find the right SOLUTION to your assisted living need:

  1. We will meet with you personally and listen carefully to assess your particular needs and concerns.
    VCS has meticulously created a comprehensive assessment checklist to make sure all of your medical concerns and living comforts are met.
  2. We research & recommend options based on your assessment sheet and the needs and desires for your love one.
    VCS has personally evaluated and been on-site at many of the senior care living facilities within a 100 mile radius of Atlanta over the past decade. We continually update our files on senior care facilities and add new ones every year. This continuous on-site evaluation is just one of the many features that separate us from national senior placement services. Also, because we are small, our clients’ satisfaction and comfort means more to us – we consider you as part of our growing family.
  3. We accompany you to on-site visits so you are well informed of any hidden underlying costs and receive answers to all your questions in a prompt and easy to understand format.
    One of the many things that make us unique and keeps our clients happy is we are beside you every step of the way. It is our goal to make sure you are going to be happy with this next chapter in your loved one’s life. We want to make sure they are comfortable with this change since our experience has shown us this is such a life-changing process.
  4. We follow-up to make sure your loved one’s journey into extended care is enjoyable and that all of their needs are being met. You will be able to rest easy knowing that you and your family have made the right choice.